mercoledì 29 dicembre 2010

Dojo Json and rest services

domenica 12 dicembre 2010

Speech API

Web API for recognition on your site

in riferimento a: Speech API Demos (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

Create a Flash Speech Synthesizer

Good book on flash recognizition api's

in riferimento a:

"Create a Flash Speech Synthesizer"
- Create a Flash Speech Synthesizer (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

PDF password set

From itext lowgie libraries you can set password for accessing to pdf.

<code type="java">
try {
PdfReader reader = new PdfReader("C:\\temp\\a.pdf");
PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(reader,new
"Ciao".getBytes(), "Mondo".getBytes(),
PdfWriter.AllowPrinting | PdfWriter.AllowCopy,
} catch(Exception e) {

domenica 14 novembre 2010

New Eclipse Plugin for cloud in Windows Azure

Create a php application in eclipse, ready for Windows Azure cloud platfrom

in riferimento a: Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

Determine Oracle DB Version

To determine the running oracle version
execute the following sql stmt :

select * from v$version where banner like 'Oracle%';

sabato 30 ottobre 2010

CMS Comparing

Testing most popular CMS these are thue results.

in riferimento a: Testing popular CMS and blogging systems » cip-labs (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

mercoledì 27 ottobre 2010

Good JAVA SCJP Mock tests sites

Complete list at this site

Future's IT Techonologies

Do you want to know the future of IT developing techologies.
An IBM survey has asked to developer communities.
These are the results :

sabato 23 ottobre 2010

ZK,JQuery &amp; J2EE

Ajax develpement by ZK tools and J2EE contanier.Good IBM tutorial.

in riferimento a: Enhance Ajax development with a fusion of jQuery, ZK, and Java code (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

sabato 16 ottobre 2010


A tomcat monitoring webapplication, is a good alternative to lambda proe and jakarta jmeter.

in riferimento a: JAMon - Documentation (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

Oracle Insert as select forcing a value for a column

Oracle Tips
<code type="SQL">
-- Set value of column in a specified value, 
to_number('201010' || SUBSTR(to_CHAR(CLTIMBRA),7,2)) as CLTIMBRA,


domenica 3 ottobre 2010

JSON oriented db

Mongo db is ajson oriented db for web 2.0 ajax application.

in riferimento a: MongoDB (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

sabato 25 settembre 2010

Generate 2D barcode and read it from you mobile phone.

Goto to generate your 2d QR code,
the image generated should be as follows

then from you mobile phone open url
and download reader for your mobile phone.

That's all.

Free On line QR Code Generator

On Appspot good online utlity for generating 2D barcode.

in riferimento a: QR Code Generator (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

venerdì 10 settembre 2010

Creare un archivio dati LDAP con il servizio directory ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode)

Good Microsft Article

in riferimento a:

"Creare un archivio dati LDAP con il servizio directory ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode)"
- Creare un archivio dati LDAP con il servizio directory ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

Eclipse LDAP Browser

Good plugin for eclipse for exploring ldap serves

in riferimento a: Apache Directory Studio - Installation in Eclipse (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

Good collection of ADAM vbscripts

Good collection of ADAM vbscript for readings ADAM configurations objects.

in riferimento a: Retrieving ADAM Objects using VBScript (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

Windows LDAP Service for free on windows

Good article on Devx, it's a step by step guide
on setup ADAM LDAP service

in riferimento a: Install AD\AM, the Secure Windows LDAP Service (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

mercoledì 8 settembre 2010


Oracle db gives us a function to determine last of a month.
Using sintax similar as follows :


This is the output

venerdì 27 agosto 2010

Oracle vs Google over heavy use of java in Android

In April 2009 Oracle purchased Sun, and for the rest of story click on the link at the end of page.

in riferimento a: Oracle sues Google over use of Java in Android (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

Apache Armony - Open Source Java SE

It's an open source java vm under Apache Licence v2 and includes all sources for different O.S. (Windows,Linux etc..etc...)

in riferimento a: Apache Harmony - Open Source Java Platform (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

giovedì 26 agosto 2010

Open Source Bluetooth classes for Java

BlueCove try to become java standard for bluetooh application.

in riferimento a: BlueCove - BlueCove JSR-82 project (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

venerdì 13 agosto 2010

HTML 5 new TAG

HTML evolution gives us two new tags for managing multimedia audio/video format on a web site.

in riferimento a: How HTML 5 Makes Using Audio and Video in Web Pages Easy (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

giovedì 12 agosto 2010

Multi thead accessing via java

public class ThreadIDMain extends Object implements Runnable {
private ThreadID var;

public ThreadIDMain(ThreadID var) {
this.var = var;

public void run() {
try {
print("var.getThreadID()=" + var.getThreadID());
print("var.getThreadID()=" + var.getThreadID());
} catch (InterruptedException x) {

private static void print(String msg) {
String name = Thread.currentThread().getName();
System.out.println(name + ": " + msg);

public static void main(String[] args) {
ThreadID tid = new ThreadID();
ThreadIDMain shared = new ThreadIDMain(tid);

try {
Thread threadA = new Thread(shared, "threadA");


Thread threadB = new Thread(shared, "threadB");


Thread threadC = new Thread(shared, "threadC");
} catch (InterruptedException x) {

class ThreadID extends ThreadLocal {
private int nextID;

public ThreadID() {
nextID = 10001;

private synchronized Integer getNewID() {
Integer id = new Integer(nextID);
return id;

// override ThreadLocal's version
protected Object initialValue() {
print("in initialValue()");
return getNewID();

public int getThreadID() {
Integer id = (Integer) get();
return id.intValue();

private static void print(String msg) {
String name = Thread.currentThread().getName();
System.out.println(name + ": " + msg);

in riferimento a: Thread ID : Thread Attributes « Threads « Java (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

venerdì 4 giugno 2010

Retrieve java call Stack in 1.3 e 1.4+

Is possible to retrieve java callstack,
to determine which programm is calling from.

       Throwable e = new Throwable();
//       In java 1.4+
//        e.fillInStackTrace();
//        StackTraceElement[] elements = e.getStackTrace();
//        String callerClass=(elements.length > 1 ? elements[1].toString() : "(no caller)");

        In java   1.3
        StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
        PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(sw);
        String callerClass=sw.toString();

sabato 15 maggio 2010

No SQL database using Groovy

Good tutorial by IBM

in riferimento a: Java development 2.0: NoSQL (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

Web Workers

Web Workers
New online web 2.0 db

venerdì 16 aprile 2010

Problem windowsupdate

net stop wuauserv
regsvr32 wuapi.dll
regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
regsvr32 wuaueng1.dll
regsvr32 wucltui.dll
regsvr32 wups.dll
regsvr32 wups2.dll
regsvr32 wuweb.dll
net start wuauserv

in riferimento a: AreaAperta » Problemi di Windows Update dopo aver aggiornato XP al SP3? (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

venerdì 12 febbraio 2010

Oracle How to determine existing objects in db oracle

How to determine existing objects in db oracle


in riferimento a: ORA-00955: name is already being used by existing object tips (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

martedì 2 febbraio 2010

Oracle JDBC parameter

Is possible passing other parameter to JDBC url.
Instead of "@host:port:sid" should be used complete tnsname such as :

"jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=" +
"(HOST=host)" + =
"(PORT=port)" +
")" +
")" +
"(SERVICE_NAME=sid)" +
")" +

in riferimento a:

""jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=" + "(ADDRESS_LIST=" + "(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)" + "(HOST=host)" + = "(PORT=port)" + ")" + ")" + "(CONNECT_DATA=" + "(SERVICE_NAME=sid)" + "(SERVER=DEDICATED)" + ")" + ")""
- Oracle JDBC database connection problem (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)

mercoledì 20 gennaio 2010

Oracle counting opened cursor

This oracle sql statement count cursor opened by session

select sid, count(*) from V$OPEN_CURSOR group by sid having count(*) > 40 ORDER BY count(*) desc;

The result :

Is used to monitoring  ORA-01000  Maximum cursor exceeded.

domenica 3 gennaio 2010

Java Opensource job scheduler by TERRACOTTA

Good java scheduler includes many enterprise-class features, such as JTA transactions and clustering.

in riferimento a:

"The Quartz Scheduler includes many enterprise-class features, such as JTA transactions and clustering."
- Quartz Scheduler - Home (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)


is a good Java Cashing solution.

in riferimento a: Ehcache - Performance At Any Scale (visualizza su Google Sidewiki)